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Helping your baby to sleep better and happier!

Puckababy offers an innovative range of sleeping products for ages 0 – 7yr, based on one fundamental concept; Children sleep better when feeling warm, secure and comfortable.

With today’s busy lifestyles in mind, our luxurious designs are practical and easy to use and will give your precious baby or toddler a restful sleep, wherever you are!

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Swaddle bags that allow for safe, simple and hip-healthy swaddling

Swaddle Bags

0-6 months

Swaddle bags that allow for safe, simple & hip-healthy swaddling. Proven to reduce crying and restlessness.
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Gogo baby wrapping blanket range

Baby Wrap

0-7 months

The Gogo is a highly functional swaddling blanket & wrap in one, protecting baby from top to toe. Perfect for on the go.
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The sleeper: portable baby bassinet. Soft and light-weight. Ideal for travel.

Baby Bassinet

0-4 months

Meet the new Sleeper, a soft and portable baby nest to hug & rock your baby to sleep. Light & compact design, ideal for travel. 
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Sleeping Bags

0-7 years

Baby and toddler sleeping bags that easily adapt to all seasons. Keeping your child warm & secure, ensuring a peaceful sleep. 
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Anti-Leak Bodysuit

0-2 years

Prevent leaks and eliminate disruptive sleep with unique triple-layer protection for over the nappy.
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0-18 months

A range of 100% natural Tencel® sleepsuits perfect for under sleeping bag, beautiful soft baby blankets and cuddly comforters.
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Welcome to the world of Puckababy

Sleep is extremely important for a child’s healthy development. A baby or toddler who has trouble sleeping, can be very stressful. Not only for the child, but for the entire family as well.

Helping you to help your child get the rest and sleep she needs to thrive, is Puckababy's mission. Working together with sleep experts from around the world we have developed an innovative sleepwear range that has proven to reduce crying and restlessness. Even the most difficult sleepers have changed to happy little dreamers!

The Puckababy range is designed around a much-needed feeling of security. It is the unique combination of ultra-soft, breathable fabrics, a comfortable, snug fit and clever details that make our products so special. From anti-leak bodysuit to a true toddler sleeping bag, we have all you need to create peaceful sleeps. Anytime. Anywhere.

Puckababy Product Age Timeline