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Transition from swaddle to sleeping bag

 When is the best time to start weaning off swaddling?

When your baby starts grasping things, pulling herself up, rolling over or developing other controlled movements, your baby is indicating that she has better control of movements and no longer wants to feel restricted.  If your baby has not yet shown this type of development, you can generally start weaning off between 5-6 months.
Once your baby starts to make the first attempts to roll onto her tummy, it is important that you start the weaning off swaddling process. When your baby rolls while swaddled the restriction of her arms means that it is more difficult to roll back onto her back, which could potentially increase the risk of SIDS. 

 Transition from swaddle to sleeping bag

To help ease the transition from swaddling to a sleeping bag, we designed a "sleepsack swaddle" that easily turns into a sleeping bag by placing zippers in the armholes. The Original Mini swaddle bag, which is the follow up from the Original Piep, will help your baby to gradually wean from the swaddle. We recommend that you start by taking one of your baby's arms out in order to see how your baby reacts. Of course, take this day by day, and once your baby seems comfortable sleeping with one arm out, try with the second arm out.  Once your baby has grown out of the Original Mini, we recommend that you transition to a sleeping bag. This will prevent your baby from feeling 'lost' in her cot. It also ensures that your baby stays warm throughout the night, and you will not have to worry about suffocation from loose blankets or bedding. 

 Tips for weaning off swaddling

Below are a number of tips for weaning your baby off swaddling. The transition from the swaddle bag to 'unrestricted sleeping' is a significant change for your baby. This is especially true for babies who have a considerable need for cocooning and a sense of security. Transitioning to blankets or a wide sleeping bag can often overwhelm a baby, and as a result, a baby can become restless again because they lack the familiar, comfortable feeling of the Original Mini or any other kind of swaddling. Our Bag 4 Seasons sleeping bag was especially developed for use after swaddling. The shape of the bag in combination with the comfortable, ultra-soft materials will continue to provide a sense of security, helping to make the transition much easier for both your baby and you! The Bag 4 Seasons can be used from around 6 months of age and will give your child years (until at least 2.5 yrs) of safe, peaceful sleeping, in all seasons of the year.

Weaning all at once 

Put your baby’s arms through the armholes of the Original Mini. Place your baby in his or her crib with the arms sticking through the armholes. You will notice that your baby is not accustomed to falling asleep in this position and he or she will most likely become restless. However, try and let your child sleep in this position.  Of course, don’t let the baby become too distressed. Experience has shown that it takes an average of two days to wean off swaddling completely. 

Gradual weaning
  1. When you put your baby down to sleep, place both arms through the armholes of the Original Mini swaddle bag. Keep the baby’s arms out for 5 minutes to start. Once your baby is used to this position, try it for 10 minutes and then continue increasing the length of time. Ultimately, this teaches your baby to gradually get used to sleeping with loose arms. In the meantime, try and maintain the usual routine. In most cases, your child will fall asleep on his or her own after only a few days trying.
  2. If your baby falls asleep with loose arms but wakes up again shortly thereafter, you can put her arms back in the Original Mini. But as your baby starts sleeping for longer and longer periods, check first to see whether she will self settle to sleep again before doing anything.
  3. You can also put your baby down to sleep wearing the Original Mini. However, once your baby is sound asleep, carefully unzip the armholes and gently remove your baby's arms out of the Mini and see how long she keeps sleeping. 

 The importance of tummy time

Place your baby on his or her stomach often (under supervision). This is called Tummy Time. This helps your baby develop its neck and back muscles and familiarizes your baby with this position. If your baby begins to roll over, it is important that he or she knows what to do and does not become frightened after ending up in a strange position. So lay your baby on her back to sleep and while awake, practice with tummy time.. If your baby shows signs of rolling over on her own, let your baby practice (under your supervision) as you support your baby on her forearms while in the Original Mini swaddle bag. This will help teach your baby how to roll over at night while wearing the Original Mini.