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Anti-leak Bodysuit

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The anti-leak bodysuit is an innovation in baby sleepwear. It is designed to help eliminate disruptive and uncomfortable sleep for babies and parents and promote restful sleeping patterns day and night. The anti-leak bodysuit features a unique bottom half with absorbent layers of PU and terry lining which lock in moisture for added protection against nappy leaks. It is worn over the nappy as a practical day to day bodysuit and offers great versatility due to its various uses.

Along with its unique functionality, it is an essential travel item, and it is the perfect accessory to any sleepwear, adding to a peaceful rest for babies. It targets problem areas around the nappy and features a raised waistline at the back along with snug protection around the crotch and legs so if your baby does leak, their sleepwear or clothing will remain dry (meaning: less washing!).

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Anti Leak bodysuit